Tallow Amine

Also know as : Ethoxylated Tallow Amines, Hydrophilic Surfactants, Tallow Amine Distilled Hydrogenated, Tallow-Alkyl Amine
Molecular Weight‎ - ‎262g/mol, Chemical Formula - ‎R-NH2

Tallow Amines are used for food, leather dressings, soaps, candles, and lubricants. Tallow based alkyl amines are used for synthesizing of organic chemicals & cationic and amphoteric surfactants. Widely used in producing synthetic surfactants.

Tallow amines easily dissolve in alcohols, chloroform, benzene, & ethers. However it does not dissolve in water.

Tallow amines are used in pigment dispersant, mineral floating agent, dyeing assistant, anti-rusting agent, waterproof softener of fiber,anti-static agent

  • CAS No. 61791-26-2
  • CAS No. 61788-45-2
  • CAS No. 61790-33-8

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